Sunday, April 7, 2013

Major Kitchen Time

Well, we've survived our first week on mainly real foods.  It's been a steep learning curve, but I feel satisfied with our progress so far.  In about ten days, we've transitioned to almost all real food.  My husband has been wonderfully supportive, and I've been shocked at how well my twins have transitioned as well.  My daughter has actually started to request salad for lunch, which is something I never thought I'd see.  Now it's figuring out how we can maintain and improve this lifestyle.

Unfortunately, with it still being early spring, most of our local farmers markets haven't yet gotten up to speed, but I was thrilled to find an indoor market this past Saturday.  After bypassing the delicious looking baked goods and the local wines, I was able to find some great local foods that fit our real food bill.  I left the market with lettuce, spinach, kale, broccoli, potatoes, eggs, ground beef, salmon, coffee, and goat cheese.  On my way home, I made my first-ever stop at Trader Joe's, where I was able to find some great deals on pantry staples, such as white whole wheat flour, raw cashews, and oatmeal. 

With our newly restocked kitchen, I got down to cooking.  On Saturday, I made a batch of cheesy crackers for my children to take to school for snack.  Most of Sunday was spent in the kitchen as well.  I started with whole wheat pretzel nuggets, which came out better than I expected.  We then tried a new food, baking a batch of kale chips.  I took a brief step away from real food to make a vanilla and chocolate cake for my husband in honor of his birthday.  After the birthday celebration, I made another batch of granola bars, followed by banana muffins.  The night wrapped up with corny salmon cakes, which we divided between dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.  I'm wiped out after all that cooking, but I'm looking forward to going into a new week with a batch of healthy, homemade snacks and meals planned out. 


  1. That's great! I bought some kale chips the other day. Awful and weird! Hope yours were not covered in goo ;)

    1. Ours were insanely simple - just kale, a tiny amount of olive oil, and a dash of salt. They are absolutely delicious!