Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Charming Cheese

Okay, I need to vent about the food habits in the life of my preschoolers, but I'm putting that aside tonight in favor of a rave review.

Who says real food can't be amazing?  My husband has a birthday coming up this weekend.  In celebration of the big event, I brought home an artisan cheese plate tonight from Talula's Table, a little market/gourmet food/exclusive restaurant in nearby Kennett Square.  This was my first time visiting Talula's which I found online when I was searching for good cheeses in the area.  See, I like to think that I am the Banker's first love, but if I ever were to have any real competition, it would probably come from cheese.  The man thinks that it is the one ingredient that makes everything better.  About a year ago, we spent the weekend in Hershey, and we enjoyed the most amazing cheese plate during one of our dinners out there.  We've been talking about going back, for the cheese alone, ever since, and while we couldn't swing a weekend away right now, I figured we could at least enjoy some more cheese. 

So a couple of days ago, I called up Talula's and asked if they could make a plate for two using local, organic cheese.  They kindly agreed and tonight after work I made a little detour on my way home to pick up the cheese, along with a local red wine to go with it.  After a fine, but unremarkable dinner of homemade red clam sauce over whole-grain pasta and a side salad, we poured ourselves two glasses of wine and broke out the cheese plate.  What a wonderful treat in the middle of a ho-hum work week!

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