Saturday, April 20, 2013

Helpful Links

I've had another busy week in the kitchen, and have been excited to discover some delicious new recipes.  Fortunately for me, many people have embarked on this food journey prior to my family, which means that I have been able to take advantage of their hard work.  In order to try to make thinks a bit easier for any of you who want to experiment with this lifestyle, here are links to some of the foods we've been eating.

Lisa over at 100 Days of Real Food has created a great site that has really guided me through this journey.  In addition to the wealth of knowledge that her site provides, she also has a whole store of recipes.  Some of the ones we've tried most recently include whole wheat crepes, breakfast cookies, chicken in whole cooker, chicken stock, chocolate sauce, cinnamon raisin bread, Mara's peanut Thai pasta, refried beans in slow cooker, whole-wheat tortillas, and toaster pastries.  Her veggie burger recipe also has great flavor!

We've had a few misses trying to find a good whole wheat hamburger bun recipe, but I am happy to say that we hit the jackpot the other evening.  I tried the recipe from My Kitchen Addiction and loved it!  The buns were easier to make, looked pretty, and tasted great!

Snacks have been a challenge, as we have to provide several each day for the kids at school, so I've been continually hunting for new recipes there.  I modified one of my favorite granola bar recipes from Sweet Girl Confections to fit our real food guidelines.  I took out the brown sugar, added in peanut butter, and subtracted the pumpkin seeds, since they were not a big hit with the four year olds.  We've been making a batch of these almost weekly.  We also tried out a graham cracker recipe today from Big Life Little Garden .  The initial taste tests were promising, so hopefully the kids continue to enjoy these. 

My kids started tball a few weeks ago and we were in charge of snacks for the first game.  I wanted to stick to a healthy snack, but still make something that the other children might actually eat.  We opted for apple slices and soft pretzel bites using the recipe from Once a Month Mom .

Hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do.  Thanks again to all of the great bloggers who have come before.  If you have any delicious real food recipes, please share them in the comments below.


  1. You are so organized, thanks for this!! Have you been buying whole wheat flour by the barrel?

  2. I probably should be, Ash. On the bright side, I haven't purchased granulated sugar in a month, which I never would have believed was possible!